The solution to building wealth successfully is a complete economic process that we will guide you through. Learn about each of our services below. 


Retirement is that time of your life when you choose to dedicate less time or no time to your profession, and focus more on other interests.

Although it is customary to think of retirement as being based on age, in reality retirement has little to do with age. At retirement, your professional income ceases and needs to be substituted by other income sources. A shift occurs from accumulation to distribution of wealth.

To continue with a standard of living that you are comfortable at, retirement needs to be planned for as early in your career as possible. Ideally, start planning for retirement with your first paycheck. Shane & Shane Financial can help you create an income plan in preparation for retirement.

As your income increases through life and you have more than you can spend, investment is typically the next step. The proper selection, diversification, and balance among your investment instruments builds your wealth systematically and helps to weather economic downturns. Wealth management adjusts the level of risk at each life stage.

At Shane & Shane Financial, wealth management is more than just investment advice; we combine fiduciary counsel on investment selection, asset allocation, diversification, business planning and estate planning. In short, we offer the appropriate financial products to cover all aspects of your financial life.

Under Shane & Shane Financial’s guidelines, each advisor in the team must “know your client.” We have conversations with you, where we listen to you and understand your desired investment criteria, and then we execute your instructions.

As Shane & Shane Financial does not originate investment products, we attempt to recommend what is truly best for your wealth management strategy.

Every decision on how to spend your money affects wealth management: a larger or secondary home, growing your business, a new car, a college education, or the age at which you would like to retire. With the right blend of instruments and consistent adjustments to your portfolio, Shane & Shane Financial works with you to help you realize your financial goals, and ensure your wealth is tuned to your objectives in both the short run and the long term.

*Fee based financial planning and investment advisory services are offered through Truvestments Capital, LLC a SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


Insurance allows for the transfer of risk from you, to an insurance company, thereby providing peace of mind. Policies can protect against adverse financial and legal consequences. Some events are inevitable, like death; while others are unpredictable. Insurance policies can cover what you are beholden to pay should the defined circumstance occur. For instance, a policy can cover inheritance tax.

Or, insurance can also be an investment instrument. Annuities recognized by the IRS allow you to grow your wealth and defer taxation until money is withdrawn.

Shane & Shane Financial can advise you on what insurance products are most appropriate for you and your family, as well as for your business. Shane & Shane Financial can offer policies that meet your needs, including succession and key-man insurance, and insurance that helps with estate planning.

Everyone has an estate, even if it is only a bank account. Estate planning is a critical process and a tremendous benefit to people of all walks of life.

Estate Planning is the process whereby individuals or businesses organize their current financial condition so as to provide for their future needs in life and after death. Estate Planning is an ever changing, dynamic process that organizes property and assets in order to prepare them for disposition and allocation. Thinking about the long-term goals of your wealth is astute, important and responsible.

Shane & Shane Financial provide counsel in planning your estate in a comprehensive and effective manner, customizing instruments most appropriate to your circumstances and goals.

Some key estate planning instruments are:

A will or testament, Power of attorney, Living will, Trust and Insurance