SHANE SWEARINGEN | Partner, Shane & Shane, LLC

When you are fortunate enough to meet Shane Swearingen, Partner of Shane & Shane LLC., you will undoubtedly sense his honest and sincere compassion for others. As a life-long resident of Columbus, Ohio, Shane’s character has been molded by his strong family upbringing, roots in the community and from the role models who have paved the way for the moral and ethical manner in which he approaches life every day.

Upon graduating from Bishop Waterson High School, Shane attended the College of Wooster, on a Baseball scholarship, where he majored in Philosophy, with a focus on Law and Minor in Physical Education. His Independent Study Thesis included in-depth research on personal morality, professional ethics as well as morality issues regarding interrogation methods used by the FBI. As a result of this intense study, Shane determined that he did not want to pursue Law School, but at the same time, realized that he wanted to help people in an honest and ethical manner.

In the fall of 2011, this opportunity came to fruition, as he began his Financial Services career with One America.  With the launch of Shane & Shane LLC in 2015, Shane Swearingen and his Partner, Shane Eighme, are positioned to focus on Retirement Planning, Annuities and Life Insurance Products. Additionally, they want to educate the collective group of pre-retirees through Social Security Seminars. “The purpose of our services is to create wealth in motion by keeping the client’s money moving. Ideally, we can best serve individuals who are 10-years prior to retirement. But the reality is, anyone who wants what our process has to offer, is an ideal client.” Meeting with a client and starting them on the RIGHT path is very rewarding to Shane. “I want to build a long-term relationship with my clients. I do not approach my role as a one-time transaction. One can expect to meet with me 6-12 times the first year and then 2-3 times a year on an ongoing basis.” By reviewing the clients’ current financial picture and understanding where the client wants to go, Shane’s strength is knowing exactly where to start. An analytical, yet empathetic plan is implemented and put into motion. Money creates other freedoms and opportunities and Shane will guide this compass and keep it headed in the proper direction.

Shane’s love for kids and passion for athletics are evident through his commitment to coaching. He is the Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach at Bishop Watterson High School, as well as the 9-U North Columbus Raiders Coach, during the summer traveling season. Shane belongs to the Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association (OHSBCA) and the National High School Baseball Coaches Association (NHSBCA). Shane founded The Caysen Joseph Cline Foundation and through an annual Golf Outing, he is able to raise awareness for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), while honoring and remembering his nephew. Shane’s humanitarian nature is the product of his family and the strong moral character which has surrounded him his entire life. Entrusting your finances to Shane Swearingen does not require any risk, on your part. It simply is the first-step towards building your strong financial future.